Carere Plugin Auto Gag for adverstime / swear / spam

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Plugin Required: No More Sh*t

Description (meaning what he does exactly) : autoamtically gag player who make reclama another server 

swear, or spam

Did you search for the plugin? (if so, specify how): in google site :

Does the server impose strict HLDS/REHLDS conditions?: No

Does the server use ReAPI?: No

Need special mode?: No

AMXX Server Version:


Description:The plugin blocks IP/DOMAIN, abusive messages and any spam attempts even in the admin chat.It consists of three parts:1.NoSpam or after three consecutive messages with the same content, regardless of how they are written, will be blocked and the player will be banned from the chat for a certain time.2. NoAdvert or when sending a message of an advertising nature containing an IP or domain is blocked and the player is deprived of chat for a specified time.3.BadWords or when a player sends an insult and finds the message in the ini file, it is blocked and the player is punished.

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