[CSGO] - Request Admin BULLET J@GU@R (Acceptat)

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Server Name: BULLET J@GU@R
Date of birth: 09/12/2003 (9th Dec 2003)
Age: 20
Hours played + GT link (Click): https://www.gametracker.com/player/BULLET J%40GU%40R/
How much do you know about amxx ?: amx_who , amx_addban , amx_banip , amx_ban , amx_slap , amx_kick , amx_gag , amx_ungag , amx_t , amx_ct , amx_spec , amx_teammenu , amx_last
Have you been an admin before? And if so, for how long ?: Yes Many Time . maybe 5 years but in many server like sometime zombie and sometime public server and one time i got FTP 🙂
Night / day activity: Night
Steam ON / OFF: On
Contact: BULLET JAGUAR#4199
Why do you want this degree: So make Server Hacker/Cheater Proof + Rule followers.
What attracts you to our server and why did you choose to play with us ?: My Friend BMW and Mod Of csgo in cs 1.6
Did you read the rules ?: -
Mentions ? -

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